Some Facts about Anthony Morrison & His Career


Anthony Morrison is a wonderful mixed martial arts or MMA artist. This man is not only an expert in his field, but we can also find all the sportsmanship-related qualities in him as well. As far as the professionalism is concerned Anthony is among the best. He was just a kid when he started boxing and in pursuit of his dreams, he went ahead and decided to choose mixed martial arts as a professional. Joining such kind of a line comes with even more challenges and hardships than one faced in other lines. The reasons behind it are quite clear and obvious like,


  • Such an artist cannot enjoy the freedom of life regarding food and habits
  • Maintaining a great physical and mental fitness is an important thing for survival for both the financial and bodily healthiness
  • In such a career and profession, you came under sort of a limelight, and thus every eye remains on you


Anthony did well and managed to reach the top most levels. In the light of records, he is one of the most accomplished artists and is still active in the field. We know records are good indicators of one’s achievements and qualities, however, there is another thing important, and that is the engagement.


Anthony Morrison is an Engaging Individual


As we just have mentioned, the real art of a martial arts artist is to keep people amazed and astonished with your moves. We know there are several players who are good at records but are now as popular as many of their relatively low-performing counterparts. However, Anthony Morrison is a very engaging person as his fans and viewers enjoys each of the minutes that he oases in the ring. As an example take his debut fight at the World Cage Fighting where he lost to his opponent, but people still remember and discuss his performance that day.


Anthony Morrison and His Journey


Anthony was a young boy when he started taking a keen interest and practical participation in boxing. Later during his high school period, he decided to choose this line as a career and profession. Just after completion of his diploma, Anthony started working even harder to become a professional mixed martial arts artist. Following are some of the highlights from his timeline so to provide you with some information about the course that Anthony took to become a professional level wrestler,

  • As an amateur MMA, Anthony achieved a wonderful record of 7-0 that made it possible for him to commence as a professional Mixed Martial Arts Artist
  • Anthony continued with his achievements, managed to secure 16-8 as a professional, and won the biggest title in this category that is Ring of Combat Featherweight Championship.
  • Later, the WEC or World Extreme Cage fighting picked him up and signed a deal with him.


The Qualities of Anthony Morrison


Anthony is a dedicated professional, and we have seen this man putting all of his efforts for making each of the competition a sensational one. As far as the fitness level is concerned, we do not remember if he ever missed entering the ring on a basis of an injury or other fitness related issues. He is quite a humble man, loves his fans, and always tries to come up with something different and interesting so to keep their interest intact.


Learn More about Anthony Morrison and the MMA


Learning more about the mixed martial arts is not a big deal as the internet is filled with some great and informative content on this subject. For those who want to learn more about Anthony Morrison and his career wiki page dedicatedly available across this subject is a great place to start with.

Anthony Morrison

How Anthony Morrison Reached the WEC


Today we have chosen Anthony Morrison as our subject that is one of the finest professional mixed martial arts artists the world has ever seen. Anthony started his career as an amateur MMA, and later his great record lead to the professional level. This man and his life are great in every aspect. After a very humble startup, he managed to streamline the things and now he is on top of the charts. Anthony`s interest in all this stuff sparked when he was far behind of entering in his team age. His school provided him with a chance to get his abilities tested in the ring. During his final years at the high school, Anthony made his mind and decided to fight as a professional.


Anthony Morrison & His Records


In the light of records, Anthony has a good standing, and he is the one who have most of his encounters won by knocking out his opponents. In case if, you still unaware of the three possible approaches out of which one is used for determining the player who performed well read following points.


  • In the mixed martial arts competitions, an encounter ends up with a winner by one of the three possible methods.
  • The first one is knocking out. It happens automatically when one of the opponents throws the other one out of the competition by seizing his capability to continue.
  • Submission is the approach when a competitor seizes the other one physically through one of the several predetermined and approved tactics for a certain time. There are several technicalities involved in properly applying this method and only a good and well trained martial arts artist can achieve a victory using submission
  • The third and the last option available is, “by decision”. This option turns relevant and valid when both of the opponents fail to dominate within the defined time. Thus, a panel of judges that keeps watching the game announces its decision for any one participants on basis of his performance throughout the encounter or match


Now after reading the points as mentioned above you have some idea about the things we were talking in the context of Anthony`s achievements and records. The best thing and, in fact, the thing every martial arts expert wishes for each time, is a victory because of a knockout. According to the records, Anthony, who has secured more victories than losses managed to end up most of his competition in which he stood winner by knocking out his opponents. Not only is this but the ratio of his victories, where he forced his opponents into a submission is also higher than many of his counterparts.


How Anthony Morrison Reached WEC?


World Extreme Cagefighting (WEC) until now has the credit of arranging world’s most difficult sports events. Anyone who has seen these contests even on the television screen knows well about the thing we are talking here. Reaching to this level always remains a dream and hidden wish of every mixed martial arts artist. There are very few who manage to reach up to that level, and Anthony Morrison was one of them. Yes! He was young at that time, and the prospective competitors were just like beasts. However, a series of events that took place within a  year of his debut as a professional MMA helped him alot, and he came into the radar of the WEC’s management. For mentioning here his domination over two harsh contestants and out of them, one was Jeff Lentz.  Thus, his persistent great achievements paved his way through, that is how he entered into the realm of WEC, which is one of the deadliest kinds of sports, and you can learn more about it here on wiki.

Anthony Morrison

Anthony Morrison is an Esteemed Mixed Martial Arts Artist



Who is Anthony Morrison?


Anthony Morrison is one of the finest mixed martial arts experts we have today. He comes from Philadelphia and has been fighting as a professional for years now. Anthony`s who is an Afro-American has proven himself at various stages. He is the man who managed to set great records and looking forward to more as he is still in the business. The man who saw the ring for the first time in his school at 14 managed to fight within the cage under World Extreme Cage Fighting arrangement.  Achieving this level always remains a dream for MMA experts, and Anthony is among few luckiest individuals who have the credit of reaching it. After completion of his high school, this young man took a decision and started his physical training in pursuit of his dream to have a career in this field. Here it is important to understand that it is not a simple line to join and, in fact, a more challenging and demanding one because,


  • You don’t get too many chances
  • The   remuneration level is less than various other professional
  • It is a risky thing to do, and we have people losing their lives in this field
  • An individual, after entering this field cannot continue with his casual kind of routine
  • There is some harsh kind of limits which remains intact all the times like eating habits and so
  • Maintaining a good physical and mental wellbeing is mandatory for a sustainable career otherwise you may lose


Anthony Morrison Worked Hard


Physical fitness training is a costly affair. In fact, we have great chains of gyms available where dedicated and professional trainers always welcome everyone who is interested in bodybuilding either as a hobby or for professional purposes. However, landing in a quality gym requires money. Anthony Morrison was not lucky as many others were, he was short of the required money to went and get training from a professional. In his initial times, he decided to go and get training from every such gym that was providing promotional offers. Later, after acknowledging his seriousness and potential, a few gyms offered him with training on sort of a credit until the time when he would be able to pay the fee. This strategy works for him and within a short period, he proved himself and his abilities.


Anthony Morrison has Astonishing Records


Regarding the records or statistics even, Anthony has an esteemed position.  Here we want to clarify one thing that the records in such sports are mere figures. In fact, the capabilities of an individual in this field are caused by two basic parameters. The first one and an important one undoubtedly is these records while the second one and another significant one is the tendency of a player to keep his or her audiences and fans engaged. Anthony`s moves and tactics within the ring always remained fascinating and interesting for his viewers. Many players are not too good regarding the statistics, but people like them more as compared with those having great records and amazing digits there on boards. Here, to provide a bigger and a better picture let us provide you a few digits that are exhibiting his domination and superiority on many of his counterparts.


  • Anthony won 19 fights while he lost 10
  • He managed to knock his competitor out in 47% of his encounters
  • In 26% of his fights, he ended up as a successful one by submission
  • In 26% of his competitions,  judges voted in his favor where the fights were concluded with the help of decision method
  • In comparison to the nine knockouts he achieved, Anthony lost only three fights by getting knocked out himself


To learn more about the mixed martial arts or about Anthony Morrison and his career you can check dedicated pages available at wiki

Anthony Morrison

How Anthony Morrison Regained Control


Anthony Morrison is in the field of professional Mixed Martial Arts for more than ten years now. A Philadelphia by birth the Afro-American fighter likes to astonish his fans by applying different tactics and bringing his opponents to submission. His career saw many vicissitudes, and now he is among the top-tiered artists. Following are a few points to summarizing his achievements,


  • Anthony started taking a keen interest in boxing when he was just 14
  • After completion of his school, he went with his decision to be a professional fighter
  • As an amateur, Anthony acquired retains a record of 7-0
  • As a professional MMA, he achieved 16-8
  • The WEC saw his potential and signed a deal with him
  • Anthony received a back injury during a fight and started doing two jobs that he quitted after reassuring and recollecting himself to land into the ring once again


How Anthony Morrison Got Started?


Getting started, for Anthony was not an easy step. Today, everything requires money and so do the physical and fitness training. In the start, Anthony was not able to pay a fee to gyms. His interest and zeal across the mixed martial arts forced him to do something different.  He started locating the gyms that were offering free training for a certain period, obviously for promotional purposes. Each time after the completion of trial period, he vanishes to find out another one. Later, people started noticing the immense potential within him and his enthusiasm. It was then when he started getting opportunities as a few gyms offered him with free training to a time when he would be in a better position to pay for it. This is how Anthony started and later proved his domination at various levels.


Anthony Morrison Achieved Three in a Row


Anthony, who started as an amateur MMA back in the year 2004, has become an accomplished fighter now. Anthony secured a victory in all the last three officially recognized and reported fights. On two of the occasion, he managed to defeat his opponent by using one of his best tactics that is, Guillotine Choke and in the third one he ended up as a winner by majority decision. In his most recent contest, Anthony managed to bring Raw Wood down in less than four minutes and thus he got success by submission.


Anthony Morrison is a Source of Motivation


We all know that the players engaged in sports as if mixed martial arts, boxing or even football always remains at a higher risk of injuries. Similar sort of thing happened with Anthony Morrison and right in the ring when he was fighting. His back came under severe kind of pressure, and he ended up with losing that fight. Moreover, that injury pushed him out of the ring for quite a bit time, and he started working sixteen hours a day or in other words obtained two, full-time jobs. That period was painful for him in either the physical and mental terms. Throughout that phase, he remained away from the training but maintained an emotional connection through some relevant magazines. Anthony says that watching his ex-training colleagues in action provided him with a new motivation and thus he decided to regain his past glory. One day he started running and kept it continue for six miles. According to him, the burning that he felt right in his lungs was his desire for a recommencement, and this is how he managed to a coup and restarted his training activities. Later Anthony came into the ring again and wondered his fans.


Anthony Morrison & The WEC


Anthony was still a young and inexperienced fighter, but his continued great performance and acquisition of several titles made him a hot one for WEC. Those who don’t know much about it should understand that the World Extreme Cage Fighting right until today is at number one on the list of organizations that are managing world`s deadliest sporting events. The management of WEC itself reached Anthony and offered him a contract that he accepted happily. For knowing, more about this dangerous and extreme mode of wrestling you can visit wiki page dedicated to Anthony Morrison.

Anthony Morrison

Anthony Morrison & His Records


Anthony Morrison is one of the top-tiered mixed martial arts artists’ active in the country. This man is a professional competitor, and we can see him fighting throughout the year in all the major events. Anthony belongs to the North Philadelphia, and he got started with boxing when he was only fourteen. Later in his high school times, he started wrestling and decided to choose as a career by competing in the MMA at a professional level. Today, Anthony is still a very popular fighter in the ring and amusing his fans. The secret behind his wonderful achievements is his great fitness level and his ever-growing love with his work. Anthony is a diehard somewhat professional, and we have not seen him compromising throughout his career.


Anthony Morrison in Light of Records


As far as the records are concerned, the balance is still in the favor of Anthony. Here it is important to mention that getting declared being a winner or a loser is one thing. However, keeping people engaged, excited, amazed and astonished with your moves is another. Anthony no doubt is good at the numbers, but we believe he is best as far as the second element of success is concerned. Following are the records we are talking about,


  • Anthony Morrison participated in 30 events of mixed martial arts and ended up in 19 as a winner
  • He secured victory by nine times on knockout basis five times by decision and five times by submission as well
  • Anthony lost nine fights throughout his career three times his opponent managed to knock him out while, seven times by submission


Anthony Morrison in His Early Days


As we have mentioned above, he commenced pursuit of his interest in the age of fourteen with boxing and later after passing out the high school Anthony went into the process of becoming a professional wrestler. As an amateur, Anthony came up with a record-breaking 7-0. Afterward, during his professional MMA tenure, he secured a record of 16-8 and declared the winner of Ring of Combat Featherweight Championship. In the initial days, Anthony Morrison faced many hardships but he never stepped back and kept facing everything with open heart. At the end of the day, he achieved whatever he wanted to achieve and started receiving greater opportunities.


Anthony Morrison Kept Moving


The records mentioned above and persistent good performance helped him a lot with the development of his career. A great breakthrough in his life was the offer that he received from, World Extreme CageFighting (WEC). This achievement made him a public figure as Anthony started receiving a lot of attention and came out into the limelight. Those who know about the cage fighting are well aware of the factors that make it one of the most demanding kinds of genre.


Anthony Morrison and Bellator MMA


Bellator MMA is well known for hosting “the toughest tournament in sports.” There are certain elements in the events or tournaments hosted by this promotion that makes it a difficult one for participants. After showing guts in the prior levels, this mixed martial arts promotion seek Anthony for a contract, and that is how he got his way paved to this level. It was a newer experience altogether for him. Anthony made a debut at WEC and astonished his viewers with great moves. However due to a lack of experience and training in this kind of competitions he lost his debut fight and the following one as well. Losing in the two back-to-back competitions triggered an action of authorities, and they released him from the WEC or the world extreme cage fighting. Anthony is undoubtedly a wonderful player as he has all the qualities that make a complete sportsman. You can learn more about him by visiting his page available at the wiki.

Anthony Morrison